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Anaemia is a disease and also a symptom of other diseases that occur due to decrease in total amount of Red Blood Cell or Haemoglobin in blood or the lowered ability of blood to carry oxygen. Haemoglobin in the blood supplies oxygen to all the cells in the body but the deficiency of haemoglobin impedes delivery of oxygen to the cells. It affects the functioning of the cell and lowers their life span, which results in organ damage. A normal haemoglobin count in women is around 11 – 15 g/dl and in men it is 13 – 17 g/dl. If the haemoglobin level is below the normal range, the person may be likely to suffer from anaemia. Most commonly people with anaemia report the feeling of shortness of breath, chest pain, irritability, poor memory, low BP, weakness and inability to concentrate or think properly. These symptoms are likely to be very light at first, if it is mild or moderate anaemia. As anaemia advances, our body will be less able to adapt and the symptoms become more obvious. Treatment for anaemia depends on range and severity. Naturopathy and ayurvedic treatments aim at increasing red blood cell count naturally; this in turn increases the amount of oxygen in blood carries.