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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the major problems seen in adults, today. The main reason for the back pain is sedentary habits and harmful work requirement. Psychological conditions such as stress which causes spasm of muscles may also lead to back pain. Sitting for prolonged time, bending down for long periods, twisting, over stretching, standing for long periods are also the causes for back pain. Overweight is also another major cause for back pain. Strong muscles protect us from conditions like back pain. Physical exercise is an effective solution to make our muscles strong and healthy. Practice of yoga enhances blood circulation for the spine muscles which relieves from back pain. Veda Wellness Centre, Nisarga Mane is capable of treating the back pain without resorting to harmful medications. Treatments at our centre take an approach towards relieving pain. Acupressure, hip bath, spinal spray, steam bath, underwater massage, hydrotherapy, kati basti with medicated oil, Patrapinda sweda, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, magnet therapy, diet therapy, acupuncture are all combination of treatments provided at our centre to get relief from back pain.