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Eczema is a skin disorder where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked and rough. Sometimes blisters are also noticed. The main cause for eczema is found to be the food allergens. Stress and genetics are also a cause for eczema. Naturopathy principles benefits in a great way to overcome eczema. A healthy diet is needed for our total well – being. In the same way, a planned diet plays a major role in treating eczema. Use of extra virgin coconut oil is good. Healthy gut and immune system is also important in treating eczema which is achieved by a healthy and nutritious diet. Body detoxification is needed. A combine treatment of stress management, detoxification program, healthy diet, therapies, exercise and acupuncture at Veda Wellness Centre, Nisarga Mane make a person to get relief from eczema naturally.